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Rio Grande do Sul

Great wineries, beaches and culture, meet the far south state of Brazil!

State: Rio Grande do Sul

Capital: Porto Alegre

Brazilian state located in the far south of the country, whose capital is Porto Alegre.

The state has remarkable role in the history of Brazil, was the scene of the War of Farrapos, the longest civil war in the country.

The population who is born in Rio Grande do Sul receive the name Gaúcho and is largely made up of descendants of Portuguese, German and Italian. The state was appointed in 2014 by The New York Times as “the place with more European characteristics in Brazil”.

Thanks to the diverse landscapes, Rio Grande do Sul attracts large number of tourists.

On the north coast, the Torres’ beaches, which have cliffs, have been highlighted as a major ecotourism destination. On the southern coast, there is the beach of the Casino, present in the Guinness Book as the largest beach in the world.

The mountains area attract thousands of tourists all year long. In winter, Gramado, Canela, Caxias do Sul, São José dos Ausentes and Cambará do Sul attract tourists due to low temperatures, often negative, with the possibility of snowfall. The cities of Gramado and Canela are also well known in the Christmas season (summer in Brazil) by the characteristic decoration.

The mountains are also the point of highest concentration of the country’s wine producers in the regions known as the Valley of the Vineyards (Bento Gonçalves and Garibaldi) and Campaign. These wineries are internationally prized because of the high quality of its wines and sparkling wines.

The historical tourism in the region of the Missões Jesuíticas de São Borja and São Miguel das Missões are also worth mentioning.

The typical kitchen of the state is barbecue and the typical drink is chimarrão (hot and bitter mate tea sipped through a pump).

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