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Espírito Santo

Discover all the beauties of this state in the southeast of Brazil

State: Espírito Santo

Capital: Belo Horizonte

The name Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit) was given by the donee Vasco Fernandes Coutinho, who landed there in 1535, a Sunday dedicated to the Holy Spirit.

Espírito Santo was one of the Brazilian states that received more German settlers and descendants of Italians.

During the XVIII century persisted the interest in mining, excited by the discovery of emeralds and small amount of gold in the Rio Doce. There followed numerous entries, initiating the opening of the way to the Minas Gerais. (Read here and here)

Victoria, the capital, was built in a mountainous island and is connected to the mainland by 6 bridges. It is the commercial and cultural center of the state, also stands out the important ports of Tubarão and Vitória, which are part of the largest port complex in Brazil.

Currently, the capital Vitória is an important port exporter of iron ore, to expand the exports coming from Minas Gerais, the company Vale do Rio Doce built the port of Tubarão in Vitória, which has become one of the world’s largest ore port.

The Capixaba coastline is rocky on south and central part, and sandy just to the north, with beaches covered by undergrowth and extensive dune vegetation, especially in Itaúnas and Conceição da Barra.

The state is also known by the TAMAR project, for preservation of sea-turtles eggs (Cheloniidae), is a Brazilian conservation project dedicated to the preservation of species of marine turtles endangered that maintains seven bases in the state: Itaúnas, Guriri, Ipiranga Pontal, Village, Regency Village, Trindade Island and Anchieta.

The state also has famous parties as the Feast of the Polenta in Sale New Immigrants, the Penha Festival in Old Town and the Festival of Art and Music in Alegre.

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