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Most Romantic Destinations in Brazil

Looking for a romantic getaway?

Here is our selection of the most romantic destinations in Brazil.

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, a wedding anniversary or please your sweetheart, choose the best romantic destinations in Brazil here and book your hotel at the best price!

Paraty - RJ

Paraty, a coastal town in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is a great option for those who enjoy history, nature and culture.

Handicraft sales, historic center, cafes and churchs brings a pleasant climate to the city, making this a good place to enjoy romantic moments!

Throughout the year the city hosts several festivals, check the schedule in paraty.com.br/calendario.asp.

Boat tours are also a good choice!


Gramado and Canela - RS

Located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Gramado and Canela are nearby cities and great destinations to enjoy the romanticism, their region name is Hortensias, because of the flower, very common there.

These are two of the coldest cities in Brazil, you can even see snow in the winter and enjoy the cold climate with local wines, chocolates and stay with your sweetheart next to the fireplace.

Gramado and Canela has many attractions for you to enjoy, like parks, lakes, museums and, especially in Christmas, Gramado is very known because of the beautiful decoration.


Bonito – MS

One of the most beautiful places in Brazil and elected 12 consecutive times as the Best Ecotourism Destination in the country, this destination is perfect for couples that are looking for a romantic and wild getaway!

Numerous attractions, ranging from simple contemplation to pure adrenaline, divided into categories such as waterfalls, hiking trails, spas, fluctuations, horseback riding, bike tours, and boat tours, among others.

The tropical climate with an average temperature of 32 ° C (in the shade) is common all year long.


Jericoacoara – CE

If your idea of a perfect romantic getaway is beautiful beaches with warm water and stay away of city noises, Jericoacoara is your place!

Jericoacoara brings together a set of natural beauty of different biomes creating a single place. In 1994 the American newspaper “Washington Post” choose it as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

This rustic and romantic village does not have streetlights to preserve the illumination from the moon and stars. If you are planning to go by car, you will need a 4×4 vehicle to arrive, the streets are sandy and this is the only way to get there.


Búzios - RJ

Búzios is a place that never sleeps in summer time, what occurs between December and February, it combines the best romantic touch of small towns by the beach with a lot of parties and events.

Here you will find many incredible beaches of different styles, some of them more for relax or for sport and even for nudism.

By night, Búzios has a lot of nightclubs, parties by the beaches, incredible restaurants and local handicraft fairs.

Campos do Jordão - SP

Located in the region of Serra da Mantiqueira, Campos de Jordão is known as the Brazilian Switzerland.

This city has a lot of things to do by day and by night, during the day you can enjoy hiking, chair lift, travel by an antique train to a close city, zipline and being overjoyed by the landscape.

By night, the city has many great restaurants, bars and brewery, during the winter (high season, between June and July) you can even enjoy festivals by the streets.

Ilha do Mel – PR

If you are a couple of adventurous, how about an entire island to enjoy romantic moments?

Here you will not have cars or public energy, just nature, beaches, a fortress and a lighthouse to explore, by daylight or flashlight!

The only way to get to the Ilha do Mel is by boat and, at night, the best thing to do is listen forro or reggae music by the moonlight along the beach.

Could it be more romantic?


Ilhabela – SP

Ilhabela, an archipelago located in the northern coast of São Paulo, is truly a paradise for those who love nature, beaches and beautiful landscapes!

With beaches of different styles since calm waters to relax to others perfect to surf, you can also enjoy sports like windsurf, fishing and diving.

The city has many good restaurants specializing in seafood and boat rides.


Penedo - RJ

The city of Penedo is located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, known as Little Finland, because of its colonization, the city also has a miniature of Finland in its centre.

Penedo is a very popular destination for honeymoons, always with a pleasant climate, splendid nature and good restaurants specialized in trout and fondue.

By day, you can visit parks, waterfalls, hiking, horse ride, fishing in a lake and local handicraft fair.

Salvador - BA

Salvador, the capital of Bahia and the first capital of Brazil from 1549 to 1763, is a unique place, a journey full of history, landscapes flavors and music!

A very famous place there is the neighborhood Pelourinho, protected by Unesco, that managed to preserve many outstanding Renaissance buildings. A special feature of the old town are the brightly colored houses, often decorated with fine stucco-work.

You can enjoy the typical food, known as spicy and rich of flavors, that uses ingredients like coconut, dendê oil and shrimp directly from the ‘baianas’ cookers and appreciate the capoeira game, a mix of dance and martial art, played on the public squares by the sound of berimbau, also protected by Unesco.


Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Rio de Janeiro, one of the most searched destinations in Brazil, is full of tourist hotspots like Corcovado hill, where the statue of Christ the Redeemer stays to bless the city, Sugarloaf, Copacabana Beach, Maracanã stadium, Tijuca’s Forest, Rodrigo de Freitas pond and many others!

Of course, everything is even better when you are with your sweetheart and tasting the famous caipirinha!

Morro de São Paulo - BA

Morro de São Paulo is a small but historically important town in Brazil since we were a colony, is part of the second oldest city in the country and has constructions from the 17th century.

Here is a romantic place full of wild nature, beautiful beaches and friendly people, everything you need for perfect moments of relaxation!

Two important things to know, the only ways to get to Morro de São Paulo are by boat or plane and there you will not find any bank or ATM.


Fortaleza – CE

Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, is a big city with the accent of small towns, surrounded by fishing villages and beaches with warm water, the perfect scenario for a romantic trip.

Do not forget to visit Morro Branco and the labyrinth of the cliffs, ride the dunes by buggy or horse and walk hand in hand in the famous Futuro Beach.

Pipa – RN

Pipa Beach, located in the biggest ecological sanctuary in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, is amazing for lovers!

Here, upon arrival along the road, you are faced with clear and warm beaches, huge coconut trees, natural pools, towering cliffs still covered by Atlantic Forest, white sand dunes and coves.

Pipa combines the best of nature landscapes like boat rides, buggy, kayak or on horseback, hiking and rally the trails of the Atlantic to a full infrastructure of charm and comfort, with hotels, bars, shops and fine dining restaurants with international level.


Maragogi – AL

Upon arriving in Maragogi, in northern Alagoas, you will understand why the region is known as the Brazilian Caribbean. The quiet, almost transparent sea, the palm trees in the wind and the famous natural swimming pools form the perfect setting to enjoy lovely moments.

Maragogi has a rustic atmosphere and harmony with nature, the beaches have not suffered human intervention, are more than 20 kilometers of beaches to the south and north, it is impossible not rest at this paradise!

Once there, do not forget to go to The Gales, natural pools six kilometers from the coast that are the postcards of Maragogi, they form a natural aquaria that enchant tourists of all ages who dive amid colorful fish and various coral species.

São Lourenço – MG

São Lourenço is a town in Minas Gerais state well known by tourist, mainly elderly, for its natural water sources.

In Serra da Mantiqueira is located the main Water Park, surrounded and administered by Nestlé, where you will find 9 sources of mineral water with different assignments for the health and well-being of those who drink or take a bath. The water can be more gaseous, ferruginous or alkaline, for example.

The city also has churches, farms and of dairy factories to visit.


Angra dos Reis – RJ

Angra dos Reis is a municipality located in the southern state of Rio de Janeiro which coastline has incredibles 365 islands and is a very romantic place to stay with your sweetheart.

Of course that in a place with that amount of islands, what is not lacking is beautiful beaches! The city has a huge amount of hotels and well-equipped resorts to offer and the best thing to do is boat ride around the islands, especially Ilha Grande, where you will find a lot of restaurants and attractions like hiking and handicrafts fairs.

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