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Meet the state that houses Chapada dos Veadeiros, Caldas Novas and the Federal District

State: Goiás

Capital: Goiânia

The state of Goiás, which capital is Goiânia, is the most populous state in the Midwest and also houses the Federal District.

Goiás began to grow from the year of 1940, when the government launched the national campaign “march to the west,” in order to populate the interior of the country, and the construction of the city of Brasilia, in 1960.

The fauna in Goiás is very rich and is home to many exotic animals such as capybaras, tapirs, jaguars, anteaters, monkeys, emu and seriema, besides typical cerrado birds.

In order to protect forests, flora and fauna, were created several parks and forest reserves, the main are the Emas National Park and the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park.

The economy of the state of Goiás is based on agricultural production and livestock.

In the tourism sector, the main attractions are ecotourism and the city of Caldas Novas, known for being the largest hydrothermal resort of the world, the waters sprout from the ground at temperatures ranging from 40° to 70°.

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