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Espírito Santo

State: Espírito SantoCapital: Belo Horizonte The name Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit) was given by the donee Vasco Fernandes Coutinho, who landed there in 1535, a Sunday dedicated to the Holy Spirit. Espírito Santo was one of the Brazilian states that received more German settlers and descendants of Italians. During the XVIII century persisted the interest ...


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Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de JaneiroCapital: Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro is the second largest economy in Brazil, only behind São Paulo, and one of the most industrialized areas of the country.   The state of Rio de Janeiro has all its east coast bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, which contributes to the large number of ...


19 Jul | Bruna | One Comment

São Paulo

State: São PauloCapital: São Paulo It is the most populous state in Brazil, has the largest industrial production of the country and the largest GDP among all Brazilian states. In 2011, the state economy accounted for about 32.1% of the total wealth produced in the country, which made the state known as the "locomotive of ...


18 Jul | Bruna | One Comment

Minas Gerais

State: Minas GeraisCapital: Belo Horizonte This is the fourth largest Brazilian state, its topography is quite rugged, and some of the country’s highest peaks are in its territory. The state is also home to the source of several major rivers in Brazil, which places it in a strategic position with regard to national water resources, ...


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